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    On-Demand Webinar Presented by Steve Rick, Director and Chief Economist for CUNA Mutual Group (Recorded 9/14/2021).

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  • We Chose ASI

    “Our members have confidence in us, and it’s extremely important that we have confidence in our insurer. And that’s why we chose ASI.”


    Kathy Duvall, President/CEO

    San Francisco Fire Credit Union

  • Choose More Coverage

    Protect more of your members’ savings. American Share’s coverage protects your members’ deposits on a per account basis – not per member like federal insurance – with no limit to the number of individual member accounts that can be insured.

  • Choose a Strong Fund

    Get peace of mind – American Share has a higher equity ratio than NCUA, and lower losses. No credit union member has ever lost money in an American Share-insured account.

  • Choose Private Insurance

    Work with a business, not a government agency. American Share is an insurer, not a regulator. Their role is to protect your members’ funds, not act as an additional regulator. 

Coverage of $250,000 per account – not per individual

When you insure your members’ deposits with American Share, more of their money is protected. American Share offers $250,000 coverage per account, with no limit to the number of accounts held by a member.

Give Your Members Greater Peace of Mind

A credit union exclusive, available to both federal and state-chartered credit unions. Protect your members with credit union insurance deposit coverage from $250,000 to $5,000,000 on top of your primary insurance coverage – even if American Share is not your primary share insurer.

Protecting Credit Union Deposits Since 1974

American Share is a member-owned, private share insurer founded in 1974 and is owned by its insured credit unions. Currently, the corporation insures the accounts of over 1 million credit union members.

You Have a Choice in Share Insurance

Many credit unions have a choice when it comes to protecting their members’ deposits: federal share insurance, or private share insurance. Exercise your right to choose the option that’s best for your credit union and your members. Choose American Share Insurance.

NCUA’s coverage only protects up to $250,000 of a member’s total deposits. If members have high balances in more than one account, that could add up to a lot of unprotected deposits. American Share covers up to $250,000 per account, with no limit to the number of individual member accounts that can be insured.