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ASI is thrilled to announce our upcoming complimentary webinar featuring the esteemed Bill Hampel, a renowned economic specialist with extensive experience in the credit union space. During this webinar, Bill will analyze the current financial and economic landscape for 2024 and forecast key trends likely to shape the future of credit unions in 2025.

The Credit Union Advantage

Many credit unions have a choice when it comes to protecting their members’ deposits: federal share insurance, or private share insurance. Exercise your right to choose the option that’s best for your credit union and your members. Choose American Share Insurance (ASI).

Greater Coverage


ASI’s primary insurance offers $250,000 of coverage per account, not per individual, with no limit to the number of accounts held by a member.

Greater Peace of Mind


Excess share insurance is a credit union exclusive program. Protect your members with deposit coverage up to $5 million on top of your primary insurance coverage.

Greater Stability


For 50 years, ASI has protected the deposits of our credit union members. No member has ever lost money in an ASI-insured account.

The Numbers

1.3 Mil+

members protected through ASI’s primary coverage

$19 Bil +

of members’ deposits protected


in per account coverage, not per member

Trusted Deposit Insurer For Over 50 Years

Partners NOT Regulators

Our number one goal is to help our credit unions be successful. We work closely with our member credit unions and state regulatory authorities to provide trusted insurance to more than one million credit union members nationally.

We Chose ASI

Hear From Credit Union Leaders Like You

Real customers share why they trust ASI private insurance and how it benefits their credit union members.

Your Members Own Your Credit Union

Our Members Own ASI

Just like your credit union, ASI is owned by the members we serve. As such, our primary mission is to see our member credit unions grow and prosper. Our board of directors is elected by our members, and our member credit unions have a voice in the strategic direction of the program.

A credit union-owned share insurance fund protecting credit unions and their members for nearly 50 years.


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