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Company Profile

Protecting Credit Unions Since 1974

Sound underwriting and business-centric risk management policies have enabled American Share to successfully provide a strong, dependable private insurance option to credit unions for over forty-five years. At the heart of our business model is our belief in the right of credit unions to meet the needs of their members without undue outside interference in day-to-day operations.

  • Insurer, not Regulator: American Share’s focus is on the safety and soundness of the credit union — we leave regulatory oversight to the individual state credit union authority.
  • Member Owned: American Share is a credit union-owned share insurance fund. Our Board of Directors and Advisory Council are comprised of Presidents and CEOs of our member credit unions, ensuring that our membership has a voice in our operations.
  • Dual Regulated: American Share is licensed by the Ohio Department of Insurance and dual regulated by the Ohio Departments of Insurance and Commerce, as well as supervised by credit union regulators in our other states of operation.
  • Financially Sound: Our financial statements are audited annually by Deloitte & Touche, LLP. In addition to our history of low loss ratios and high equity levels, no member has ever lost money in an American Share-insured credit union account.

As the only private insurance option in the credit union industry, we work closely with our member credit unions and state regulatory authorities to provide trusted insurance to more than one million credit union members nationally. American Share is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio.