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Credit Union Insurance: More Coverage, Not More Regulation

Credit unions exist to serve their owner-members. American Share exists to serve its owner-member credit unions. We work with credit unions to meet the needs of their members without added interference in their day-to-day operations. Want to know more about our private share credit union insurance? Choose a product below, or ask a question using the contact form.

Primary Insurance

Coverage of $250,000 per account—not per individual
When you insure your members’ deposits with American Share, more of their money is protected. American Share offers $250,000 coverage per account, with no limit to the number of accounts held by a member.

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Excess Insurance

Give Your Members Greater Peace of Mind
A credit union exclusive, available to federal and state-chartered credit unions. Protect your members with credit union insurance coverage of up to $250,000 on top of your primary insurance coverage—even if American Share is not your primary share insurer.

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