Protecting Credit Union Deposits Since 1974

Why Your Credit Union’s Coverage Matters

American Share (ASI) is a private share insurer owned by the credit unions it insures. Currently, ASI protects the accounts of over 1.3 million credit union members, and no credit union member has ever lost money in any American Share-insured account in its nearly 50-year history.

A Singular Focus

Protecting the deposits of our credit union members

A Strong Fund

ASI’s equity ratio – a key indicator of an insurance company’s financial health – is greater than that reported by both federal deposit insurance funds.

Licensed & Regulated

ASI is licensed by the Ohio Department of Insurance and dual-regulated by the Ohio Departments of Commerce and Insurance. We maintain good standing with regulators in all states of operation.

Sound Business Practices

ASI’s only business is to provide deposit insurance to credit unions, and we are selective about the credit unions we insure. Not all credit unions that apply for coverage meet our strict underwriting standards.

American Share insures every account of an individual member, up to $250,000 per account, with no limits as to the number of accounts held.

If you have questions about the coverage provided by American Share, ask your credit union or contact us at 800-521-6342


How Is My Credit Union Doing?

Financial statements of credit unions insured by American Share can be viewed here. To view the financial statements for federally-insured credit unions using American Share’s excess insurance program, visit the NCUA’s website.

A credit union-owned share insurance fund protecting credit unions and their members for nearly 50 years.


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