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There is no better endorsement of a business than by those who know it best: its customers. In our case, our member credit unions! This small sample of testimonials reflects ASI’s insurance value from our members’ perspective.

Kemba Credit Union
Indianapolis, Indiana
"We promote our American Share Insurance heavily. Since each individual share account is covered to $250,000, we have a real strong selling point for deposits. As more bank mergers drive new members to the credit union, mentioning our deposit insurance has really helped us gain market share. Not only does it attract large deposits, but carrying American Share Insurance tells our members and potential members that we can handle any financial need they may have."

Karla Salisbury, President/CEO

Monterey Credit Union
Monterey, California
"Since we converted to a state-charter and private insurance, we continue to be pleased that our decision has had no negative financial impact or decline in our members‘ trust and confidence in their credit union. Quite the contrary! We annually measure our members‘ expectations and feelings about things such as financial soundness and insured safety. Since our conversions, both measures have improved, with insured safety significantly exceeding member expectations.

ASI‘s recommendation for us to accomplish both our charter and insurance conversions at the same time was sage advice. Taking the time to understand and consider how ASI works in comparison to the federal system allowed us to conclude with complete confidence that we were doing the right thing for our membership and their credit union."

J. Stewart Fuller, CEO

Los Angeles Firemen‘s Credit Union
Pasadena, California
"We have a proud and long-term business relationship with American Share Insurance (ASI). The ASI products enable our credit union to provide peace of mind to our high-balance membership group and  I believe has contributed significantly to our share growth. The combined level of coverage in primary and excess insurance of $500,000 has been appreciated and valued by a membership that is financially sophisticated.

I am pleased that the ASI program presents a significant and positive point of differentiation between our credit union and other financial institutions."

Mike Mastro, President/CEO

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