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Excess Share Insurance

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Additional coverage and convenience.

ASI excess share insurance provides coverage for credit union members’ accounts when their balances exceed the maximum level of coverage provided by the credit union's primary share insurer; that is, either ASI, or the NCUA fund - the administrator of the federal credit union share insurance program.

Up to an additional $250,000 of coverage.

The basic federal share insurance account coverage provided by the NCUA is up to $250,000, but accounts may be structured in different ways, such as joint accounts, payable-on-death accounts, or IRA accounts, to achieve federal coverage of more than $250,000.  Members exceeding the maximum level of insurance coverage provided by the NCUA may then be insured up to an additional $250,000 with ASI’s excess share insurance.  This provides credit union members with coverage up to $500,000 for the sum of all individual savings type accounts as well as $500,000 for an individual retirement account.

For state-chartered credit unions with ASI’s primary share insurance, which provides coverage of $250,000 per account, ASI’s excess share insurance adds an additional $250,000 in coverage.  This makes each account insured up to $500,000.

Only when needed.

A member’s balance must exceed the primary coverage as provided by either NCUA or ASI to be insured by ASI’s excess share insurance.  If your credit union's primary share insurance is provided by the NCUA, please visit their website to understand their coverage limits. View NCUA Website >>

Added protection and convenience.

Save time and effort by keeping large deposits in one place. Avoid having to distribute funds between financial institutions to keep all of your funds insured.

Recognized industry leadership.

ASI has demonstrated financial stability and support of the credit union industry since being founded in 1974. The company provides share insurance solely to credit unions.  


Security When Needed
Don’t believe you’ll ever need the benefit of excess share insurance? You might be surprised. Your deposits can go up very suddenly — in the case of inheritance, for example, or the sale of a home or business.

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